Block all emails from everyone except Outlook contacts

The windows outlook have every sort of features for the users to customize the mail account according to their need. If you desire then you can block all emails from everyone except outlook contacts. The setting is not so difficult but a very few outlook users know about this. In this article we will see how to block all emails from everyone except Outlook contacts. This setting is very effective to block unwanted mails and junk mails.

Here are the simple steps by which you can make your outlook account spam-proof.
1. Start with signing into the outlook first and go to your inbox. From the top right corner move your mouse cursor over the ‘options’ menu. Then choose ‘More options’ from the dropdown menu.
2. Up next, you will be taken to the ‘outlook options’ page. From this page you can customize your email account and profile according to your needs. Under ‘preventing junk mail’ in the second column, click on the link named as ‘Filters and reporting’.
3. At the next page, you will find several options to configure. Under ‘Choose a junk email filter’, Windows Live Outlook offers you two options. The first one is “Standard – Most junk email is sent to the junk email folder” which is by default selected. Change the selection to the second option i.e. “Exclusive – Everything is sent to the junk email folder except messages from your contacts and safe senders, Windows Live Outlook service announcements, and alerts that you signed up for”.
4. This setting will block the all emails which are sent by the unauthorized users. When you will login in the future, you will see that all emails are from the safe senders are there.
5. Scroll down and click on the “Save” button to save your new setting and enable your exclusive inbox.
These are the simple steps for your outlook account to get rid of the spam.

Change outlook theme

By default, Outlook has the same theme for everyone. The outlook appearance is same for all the outlook users. Outlook has a package of 12 standard themes and 6 dynamic themes. Some of the themes can be switched to on-the-fly from the Options menu. It is to be kept in mind that outlook themes do not change the functionality of your outlook account. The appearance of buttons and icons will also remain the same. Changing theme is just making the account a little more personalize; nothing else! In this piece of article, we will learn about how to change the theme for your outlook.

Switching to another outlook theme

The easiest and quickest way to change Outlook theme is to click on the Options menu in the middle top right of the screen. Here look at the simple steps for doing it:
• First of all, log in to your outlook account.
• Locate the ‘options Menu’ at the right top corner.
• Click on the ‘options menu’.
• Now as you move your cursor over the themes shown to you to see the preview of those themes on your screen.
• Select the theme you like and confirm your choice by clicking ‘save’.

Theme picking tip

As, the latest version of the outlook uses low contrast and pastel tones, you will be astonished at how much vivacity and substance a dark-coloured theme can bring to the screen. The ‘carbon’ and the ‘moonlight’ theme are good for a trendy look.

Delete a folder in outlook

Outlook lets you to delete any mail folder that you have created. But, you cannot delete outlook five standard folders that are provided by the outlook by default. These folders neither be deleted nor be renamed.
Before going to delete any outlook folder keep in mind that once you have deleted the folder you can restore it. You can also empty a folder without deleting it. Same goes for the ‘rename’ too.

Deleting outlook folder

The Windows Live team has removed the ability to delete email folders through a right-click menu; the process now takes a bit longer. The deletion process of a outlook folder requires these simple steps:
1. Login to your outlook account first.
2. Once, you are inside your outlook inbox, move your mouse cursor to the ‘folders’ section which is at the left pane.
3. Now, click on the ‘manage folder’ from the menu.
4. Windows Live outlook will now redirect you to a screen where all your email folders are listed, both the standard folders (Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted), as well as any custom folders you have created yourself.
5. Now, locate the email folder that you want to delete. Then select its respective check box.
6. Now, click on the option ‘delete’. outlook will ask you for a final confirmation before deleting the folder forever. The message will look like this: Are you sure you want to delete this folder? Any mail in this folder will be moved to the Deleted items folder.”
7. If you do not want to delete it, then click ‘cancel’, otherwise click ‘ok’ to confirm the deletion of the folder.

Again, it is to be noted that emails contained in that folder are not permanently deleted. You can go inside the Deleted items folder, and restore them to another folder of your choice.

Rename a folder in outlook

Apart from the outlook’s five standard folders, you can rename any email folder that you have created at any time. In this article e will learn how to rename a outlook folder. The procedure of renaming the outlook’s folder is same for the Outlook Express and Office Outlook.

The renaming process
Renaming a folder now takes a bit time than it used to take earlier due to some update from the outlook team. But do not worry, the process is very simple. Previously, it was just right click and rename. Now you have to move your cursor above the ‘folders’ first. Then, click on the gear button beside it and choose ‘manage folders’ from the menu.

Now follow the simple steps:
1. At your folder’s screen of windows live outlook all standard and custom folders will be displayed. Select the checkbox of the folder that you want to rename. Then, simply click on the ‘rename’ which will be found at the top of the folder listing.
2. Now, outlook will open up a new page where the old folder name will be displayed. Type the name that you want to give to the folder.
3. The, click on the ‘save’ button. And, your folder is renamed. You will be brought back to the folder listing screen – just click on “Inbox” to return to your emails, and notice that outlook has changed your folder’s name!
These are the simple steps for renaming any folder of the outlook.

Setup outlook on iphone or ipod touch

In this article, we will see that how easily we can setup ‘hotmail’ account on our iPhone, using the automatic settings. In past you can only check your Hotmail email account from the Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail. But thanks to the technology, now you can connect to your emails from any email client (including mobile Mac Mail of the iPhone).

Add an email account
To configure your Windows Live Hotmail account on your iPhone, start by tapping the Settings icon on your home screen. Once the ‘settings’ screen loads, tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then go for the option ‘Add Account’. The next screen will appear with the type of emails that you can setup on your iPhone. The options will be shown like this “Microsoft Exchange, Mobile Me, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, or Other”. Now, tap on the ‘other’ option.
Adding a outlook account

For the addition of a hotmail account, tap on the ‘Add Mail Account’ from the loaded screen. This will open the ‘New Account’ screen that will ask for your email account information: display name, email address, password, and description. Under “Name”, enter your name as you want it to appear to recipients when you email them from your Hotmail account. You have to type in your hotmail email address in the format of ‘’. Then, put your password correctly at the field mentioned as ‘password’.

Under the ‘description’ field, enter the name of your email account. This will be something like ‘outlook’ or whatever you want. Remember, this is just an account name to let you identify each of your email accounts on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Once, you finished all the above mentioned steps, tap the ‘save’ button.

Hotmail on iPhone (configuration)

outlook iphone

outlook iphone

If you are a outlook user, then you will be happy to know that you can now use your outlook from your iPhone thanks to Microsoft for enabling Exchange ActiveSync support. This allows the outlook to push and sync email, calendar, and contacts to your phone. There are simple step to follow for enabling the outlook into your iPhone. In this article we will discuss about the procedure of enabling hotmail to the IPhone.

Setup outlook on the iPhone
• Step 1: First of all, on your iPhone, go to settings > Mail, contacts, calendars > and create a new Microsoft exchange account.
• Step 2: Next, you need to fill up some information like – your email address (obviously hotmail address), your domain name (if any otherwise leave empty), your hotmail username or Windows Live ID and finally the password of your hotmail account.
• Step 3: Now, the outlook will verify your account. After the verification, go to for the server information and the press ‘next’.
• Now, select the thing that you want to sync with your hotmail account. Things like mails, contacts, and calendar can be synced with your outlook. Once you don the selection, tap ‘save’.
• Done. You can now enjoy outlook on your iPhone.
Hotmail is the original web mail, so it is not a matter of surprise that there are millions of users for the hotmail. It is true that outlook has to face a stiff competition with the Google and the Yahoo but still it is one of the best free web mail. It is really surprising that it took Microsoft this long to incorporate outlook with the iPhone. But better late than never!

Outlook on Android (configuration)

outlook android

outlook android

Outlook is a free web based mailing service that is provided by the Microsoft Corporation. Even after the stiff competition with Gmail and YahooMail, the windows hotmail is still very popular. There are millions of users all round the globe for the hotmail. In this article, I will discuss about how to set up Outlook for the android phones.
Things you need
Before we start, make sure couple things that are mentioned below:
1. You must have a valid windows live user name and password.
2. You must check that your account is accessible or not.

POP3 email on an Android
Step – 1: First of all, tap ‘mail’. For the home screen, go for the following settings: “Mail > Menu > More > New Account…”
Step – 2: Now, set the account type as “Other (POP3/IMAP)” and select “Manual Setup”.
Step – 3: Make the settings as follows:
• Protocol – set to POP
• Email address – the e-mail address that you are going to be using
• Username – This will be the user name you were given when the account was created
• Password – The password will also have been supplied to you, please note the password is case sensitive
• POP Server – Host Name needs to be set to
• Security Type- From the list of options, select none
• Server Port – Change port number to 110
Step – 4: Click ‘Next’ and make the settings as shown:
• Check the “Login Required” tick box and then re-enter your user name and password (if not auto filled)
• SMTP Server -Type in
• Security Type- Select none from list of options
• Server Port – Change port number to 2525
Step – 5: Click ‘next’ and ‘save’ your settings.

Setup Outlook email for the Android
Now, for setting up your Outlook account make the following settings as shown:

• POP Server – type
• Security Type – select SSL
• SMTP server – ensure that you type
• Security Type – select TLS
• Server Port – port number should be changed to 587
Save these settings and enjoy sending and receiving Hotmail on your Google Android phone.

Skip hotmail today to go straight to your inbox

For most of the times by default the Windows Live Hotmail does not go to the inbox directly. Instead of going to the inbox, it loads a page called ‘Hotmail Today’. This page basically contains hotmail related news and events, contact suggestions, etc. The page is a bit annoying as most of us or users prefer to go straight to the ‘inbox’. There is an option by which you can block this page. In this article, I will explain how to configure your hotmail to skip the ‘Hotmail Today’ screen.

Configuring the hotmail landing page
To skip the ‘Hotmail Today’ screen and go directly to the inbox, click on the ‘options’ at the top right corner of your hotmail account page. Then, click on ‘More Options’ to load all the configuration settings. Now locate the section labelled with “Customize your email” and then click the ‘Today Page Settings’ from the bottom of the section.

Hotmail’s today page settings
At the ‘Today Page Settings’, you will see that “Show me the Today page after I sign in” option has been marked by default. If you want to go to your inbox for the future logins, then check the second option “Skip the Today page and take me straight to my inbox”.
After the configuration of the ‘hotmail today’ page settings, click the ‘save’ button to make your changes validate. After saving, you will be automatically redirected to the Hotmail Options screen. Once you are there, click on the “go to inbox” link to go back to your ‘hotmail inbox’.
Manually visit Hotmail Today
Since, hotmail regularly upgrades its features, so it is always desirable to visit the ‘Hotmail Today’ page at the spare time. To visit the page manually, locate the link displayed below your email folders labelled as ‘Related Places’ and then click on ‘Today’ and you will be taken to the ‘Hotmail Today’ page.

Outlook Email

outlook provides a solid security features. It is straight forward and very easy to use. The outlook service is provided by the Microsoft Corporation, since 1997. Till today, it is immensely popular among the business persons, student and others. Unfortunately, outlook lacks POP or IMAP access and secure messaging is not supported. Also the spam filter of this free mailing service needs to be improved.
Now let’s have a look on the pros and cons of the email service.

• Outlook has an option that restricts the mails from any unknown mailers. It is very effective to block the spam.
• Outlook can be accessed comfortably from the Outlook and Outlook Express.
• Outlook has a rich text editor which makes the writing easy.
• Outlook do not provide any labelling option for the mails.
• The junk mail filter needs improvement.
• Outlook offers no POP or IMAP access and lacks email encryption and digital signatures
Outlook quick facts
Now, let’s have an eye on the quick facts of Outlook :
1. It is a free web-based mail provider.
2. It offers ten custom filters for mail sorting.
3. It is hassle free to recover any email from the junk folder.
4. It has a secure log in i.e. HTTPS mode, for providing extra security to the users.
5. The attachments are automatically scanned by Outlook.
6. For wring mails, it provides WYSIWYG HTML editor.
7. You can access up to four POP accounts through Outlook
These are things that Outlook provides to its users. Overall, it is a very good free mailing service. The HHTPS option is very good for secure mailing. Hope you enjoyed this article!

Outlook sign in

outlook is basically a free web-based email service which is bought by the Microsoft in 1997 in exchange of a sum of $400 million from its founder, Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. It is now commonly called as Windows Live Hotmail. A free outlook account provides you a space of 5 GB with a great security and ample of options for customization. The simple interface loads fast and thankfully, at the time of writing, no flashy image banners are displayed.

Signing in to outlook
To sign in to your hotmail account, simply enter your full email address (like or in the ‘Windows live ID’ field and password at the next field. Then, hit the ‘enter’.
By checking on the “Remember me on this computer” option, you can get rid of the typing is id for the future logins. But it is highly recommended that do not use this option at any shared computer.
For some additional security outlook provides ’HTTPS’ sign in method. Click on the ‘Use enhanced security’ link to load the same page through https which is a more secure protocol and encrypts any information you send over the internet.

Checking email, once you are signed in
After the successful sign in you will find a splash screen i.e. ‘MSN Today’ page or the list of your emails. If you get the ‘MSN Today’ page then, click on the go to inbox option. At the outlook account page, you can see the ‘inbox’ at the left side. The number into the parenthesis beside the ‘inbox’ denotes the number of unread mails.